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Frontline got its start blasting cars and light trailers all over the Houston area. We can take any vehicle down to bare clean steel that is ready for prime and paint.


Although we do not paint cars we can offer Rustoleum paint for trailers and farm equipment

At Frontline Blasting we try to touch every industry. Our commercial services include everything from concrete blasting to equipment blasting.


We also offer industrial paint systems for commercial applications using exclusively International brand paint. 

Industrial is where Frontline gets out the big guns. No matter what the condition of the parts we can blast to white steel if needed and get you back to a brand new surface. 


Paint systems for industrial parts have been looked over for decades but we hold our painters to the highest standards providing you with a paint job that will make your parts stand out among the rest of your industry.  

Residential is the lighter side of Frontline. We are experienced enough to adjust our equipment all the way down to be able to strip wood and stucco but we can still etch your concrete surfaces or rought iron/pipe fences.